Digital & robot aided sustainable farming

EcoTerrabot is an affordable open source robot that initially aims at removing the weeds in the agriculture. It is capable of navigating across the crop rows autonomously. It can distinguish between a good and a bad plant and can mechanically destroy the weeds using a robotic manipulator precisely.

About us

We are currently a 4 member team of highly self motivated and experienced mechatronics, robotics, software engineers along with environmental engineers and management professionals who share similar interests and passion towards agriculture, robots and sustainable future. Are you highly self motivated ?, passionate about open robotics and disruptive technologies ?, open minded ?, care about environment ?, want to contribute for the betterment of society ?, would like to be a part of the project and collaborate to bring this robot alive ?, then you are at the right place with right team. Please send us your details and interests to (or)

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